Joining the ISNIM

Membership Categories: There are three general categories of ISNIM membership for individual scientists: Regular, Retiree and Student/Post Doc. Electronic access to the NIM journal is included with the Regular membership and is available for an additional fee with the Student and Retiree memberships (see Membership Application for fee levels). A Premium level of each membership category provides the paper copy of the NIM journal sent by mail in addition to electronic access. A fourth membership category is Honorary Membership, which will be awarded to members that have provided long and exceptional service to the Society. Honorary Members participate in all aspects of the Society, including voting, but pay no membership fees except for optional journal access. Honorary Members will be notified of their status by the Executive Director.

Qualification for membership will be determined by the Executive Director based on Medline publications; if you feel this source does not adequately represent your relevant capabilities, you are welcome to submit a brief Curriculum Vitae in support of your application. Payment will not be processed until qualification for membership is ascertained. You will be notified of your acceptance.

In addition to the above membership categories for individual researchers, ISNIM offers a Sponsoring Membership suitable for individuals, commercial firms or foundations that provide substantial financial support to the Society. For more information see Sponsoring Membership.

  • Regular Membership is available to any person who has done meritorious research in basic or clinical aspects of NIM. The Regular membership fee includes electronic access to the Society's journal NeuroImmunoModulation. (The Premium membership fee includes electronic journal access and the paper copy.) Regular/Premium members are eligible to vote and hold office in the Society. To apply for Regular membership status, please submit the Membership Application together with the appropriate payment (options on the application form).

  • Retiree Membership is available to those investigators (current and new members) who have retired from their full time positions. Retired investigators who are applying as new members should submit a completed Membership Application and payment to the address indicated below. Retiree members are eligible to vote and hold office in the Society. (Discounted electronic and paper copy access to the journal is available, but is not included in the basic Retiree membership fee.)

  • Student/Post Doc Membership is available to individuals enrolled in doctoral programs at degree granting institutions, and to post-doctoral fellows (up to three years post-graduate eligibility). In addition to the completed Membership Application and CV, two letters of recommendation from faculty or research advisors, and payment should be submitted to the Executive Director. Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office in the Society. (Discounted electronic and paper copy access to the journal are available but are not included in the basic Student membership fee.) Upon submission of a letter to the Executive Director attesting to the completion of your training, you may be automatically upgraded to Regular membership status.

  • Sponsoring Membership is available to any individual, business, or foundation that chooses to support the work of the Society with a significant (tax deductible) financial contribution. All discount benefits accorded Regular members apply to as many as three individuals under a Sponsoring Membership; however, Sponsoring Members are not eligible to vote or hold office in the Society. Those interested in this category of membership should contact the Executive Director at the address below.

Application Procedure: Please forward a completed Membership Application (which lists the various fees) with payment at the desired level using the Send Form Electronically button on the form. Mail or fax any supporting information (brief CV if desired, documentation of student/Post-doctoral status if relevant) by mail to the Executive Director.

Jeannine A. Majde-Cottrell, Ph.D.
Executive Director, ISNIM
P.O. Box 41269
Arlington, VA 22204-8269, USA
Fax: (1) 703-521-3462