The Society, Officers and Committee Members

ISNIM is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) international corporation registered in the District of Columbia, USA, and with business offices based in the USA. The stated purposes of the Society are: (a) to advance the understanding of the interactions between the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems; (b) to bring together scientists of various backgrounds to facilitate the integration of research in the field of neuroimmunomodulation directed at all levels of biological organization; (c) to promote education in these sciences; (d) to inform the general public and the practicing medical community of the results and implications of current research in this area; (e) to promote the well-being of scientists in all countries without regard to national boundaries; and (f) to cooperate with and to enhance the mutual activities with other societies with related interests.

2015 - 2017 Officers

Vincent Geenen (B)

Secretary General
Adriana del Rey (DE)

Vice Presidents
Eduardo Arzt (AR)
Jane Welsh (US)

Treasurer and Executive Director
Jeannine A. Majde-Cottrell (US)

Executive Committee

Moises Bauer (BR)
Oscar Bottasso (AR)
Mauricio Cutolo (IT)
Monica De la Fuente (S)
Toshihiko Katafuchi (J)
Claudio Mastronadi (AU)
Joao Palermo-Neto (BR)
Claudia Perez Leiros (AR)
Valeria Rettori (AR)

Regional Branch / Associated Society  Representants

Coordinator: Hugo O. Besedovsky
Moises Bauer (Brazilian Branch)
Monica De La Fuente (Spanish Branch)
Toshihico Katafuchi (Japanese Branch)
Tulio Giraldi (SIPNEI)

Jorge Morales-Montor (Mexican Branch)
Claudia Perez-Leiros (Argentine Branch)
Maria Robinson (Cuban Branch)
Jorge Santiago (Peruvian Branch: APPNIE)
Volker Stefanski (German Branch: GEBIN)